Sobriety Academy

Here at the Sobriety Academy, our mission is to support women at all stages of recovery to live sober lives of meaning and purpose.

The early weeks and months of sobriety are tumultuous and terrifying.

That is normal.

And it is the strong and the brave who are willing to even GO there.

What you need is power. Purpose. Tools. Techniques. Resources.

And more than anything else, you need a community of sisters on the same journey who are right where you are, or a little further ahead to keep you company.

Once your basic needs are met, then what.


Where do you start when you have to start all over?

Life without alcohol. Life, without your security blanket. Without your best friend.

And life, facing all those feelings.

And all that damage.

You don’t have to be alone in this journey.

I’m here, right with you.

I’m a recovering alcoholic and a certified life coach.

I’ve created the Sobriety Academy with your needs in mind.

A gentle space.

A slower pace.

A warm blanket around your shoulders.

A soft place to land.

And a price you can afford.

Let’s talk. Click here.

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