Adele Mason, BA, MA, MHFA, Certified Life Purpose Coach

WomenShift Coaching, Inc was founded in July 2019 by Adele Mason of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  It was built on the belief that small shifts can have big consequences, and that life transformation is always possible.

Adele earned a BA and MA in Sociology from the University of Waterloo.  In her twenties and again in her thirties, she battled alcoholism, and was close to death before getting sober at the age of 39.  In service of that battle, and out of a belief that those who recover from addiction have a moral, social and ethical obligation to do some good with their sobriety, WomenShift Coaching was born.  Adele is also a Certified Life Purpose Coach and recently completed her diploma in Mental Health First Aid.

Since its inception, WomenShift Coaching has gone on to serve mostly female clients in private and group contexts.  Adele has worked in collaboration with other coaches and is a proud team member of Clients In Abundance, providing virtual event coaching on their team several times a year.

Her most recent programs, Sobriety On Purpose, and Women In Wonder with Falon Williams, which serves coaches who are struggling, all reflect the fundamental belief that began WomenShift Coaching on that hot summer night: There is greatness in everyone, and a good coach must serve that greatness until it emerges for all to see.

Adele resides in Ottawa with her beloved partner Matthew.  She is a proud mother, step mother and cat mother.  She has been sober since July 19, 2018.