WomenShift Coaching

WomenShift Coaching, Inc was founded in July 2019 by Adele Mason of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  It was built on the belief that small shifts can have big consequences, and that life transformation is always possible.

Since its inception, WomenShift Coaching has gone on to serve mostly female clients in private and group contexts.  Adele has worked in collaboration with other coaches and is a proud team member of Clients In Abundance, providing virtual event coaching on their team several times a year.

Our Services

Individual Coaching

Life coaching is a special healing practice which starts the client where she is, looks forward to where she wants to go, and builds a bridge to get her there through effective goal setting, action steps and accountability.

Occasionally, because of the sensitive nature of the goals or a challenging emotional state that accompanies them, a client may feel that a one-on-one coaching setting is best.

In that instance, Adele works privately and in-depth with each individual to design a personalized program of transformation based on her unique needs.  Payment plans are available and private clients also get Messenger or text access to Adele for additional support as needed.

Group Coaching

Group coaching is a robust learning opportunity where clients can come together in a collective space to learn not only from the coach or coaches but also from each other.  Depending on how the coaching environment is set up, and with each client’s consent, they may also be able to interact with each other over chat or verbally.

Event Coaching

In August 2020, Adele coached her first virtual event with Clients In Abundance, and promptly fell in love.  Successful in this fast-paced, high ticket sales, unique environment from the get-go, Adele is always willing and able to expand her skills and provide service in this area.  To hire Adele for your next high ticket virtual event,

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